The Ultimate Hashtag Bundle for Farmers

The Ultimate Hashtag Bundle for Farmers


Do you hate hashtags or never know which hashtags you should be using? Do you find yourself throwing a few hashtags in to your post without much thought or strategy?

Using hashtags in your Instagram posts is vital to connecting with your audience, helping your customers find you and growing your business. But if you're not using them correctly and taking advantage of this amazing resource to connect with your customers, you are missing out on business opportunities! However, finding relevant hashtags in your niche that aren't overused, keeping track of what to use and knowing which hashtags are best takes TONS of time that you probably don't have.

This guide is the answer because I've done all the work for you! The Ultimate Hashtag Bundle for Farmers includes a list of 125+ relevant hashtags in the farming and agriculture niche. They follow best practices for hashtag use and each hashtag also includes the amount of posts under that hashtag so that you can be selecting a balance of hashtag sizes. (See my best tips for hashtag use here.)

You'll also receive my HASHTAG planning sheet which will help you organize your posts by topic or date--whichever is easiest for you. Using a planning guide is key to consistent posting and alleviates that "What should I post today?" stress that we all experience. 

This bundle also includes instructions on how to get started using the hashtags and planning sheet right away, and some of my best tips for hashtag use. You'll be connecting and growing your business in no time at all.

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