"Molly did a training for our company that completely changed the way I use social media to grow my business. It made my posts more polished, professional and fun. This has brought a significant increase in the amount of people who view and interact with what I post and helps me regularly keep in touch with present and future clients. Molly was able to take a concept that many people struggle with in business and help us make simple steps to improve performance. The steps she taught were incredible and she was able to present them so simply for us to understand. She is clearly a leader in this field!"

+Amy Zucco, small business owner

"Molly is such a wealth of knowledge. She has a way about her that just invites you in! I attended one of her social media trainings and it totally changed the course of my business. I was given strategies to increase my brand awareness and grow my business using social media. I would definitely recommend Molly if you're serious about growing your business. Plus, she's a sweetheart."

+Liz S. small business owner

“Molly Balint’s photography grabbed me from the first with its capture of genuine living; photographs of the everyday she somehow manages to encapsulate an emotion to. Her capture of my two crazy kids was such a relaxing unpressured experience. Normally I would have been so anxious and apologetic, but her laid back manner made for an un-rushed atmosphere, in which my children were able to explore relatively undisturbed while still being photographed. Now I have these incredibly thoughtful pictures of my children, in amazing lighting, which I have no clue how she conjured. She will always be on the forefront of my mind when asked for a recommendation. Simply beautiful!”

+Nicole S.