Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit


A social media audit is when I personally take a look at one of your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Website) and walk you through important insights, tips and best practices that you can implement to help improve your engagement and attract more customers.

Oftentimes, we just need a little bit of help and direction with our social media efforts and a social media audit is the perfect way to get my personalized feedback for your account.

When your social media audit is complete, you’ll receive a video screen recording as I walk through your account and give advice on changes you can make to improve your account. From helping you edit your bio, improve your photos, or find the right hashtags, these audits provide detailed, personal information just for you.

Once you receive your social media audit you’ll have continued access to me via email for 30 days to ask follow-up questions and get additional feedback.

INCLUDES: video walk-through of social media accounts, specific worksheets and planners from my library that will help with your social media analysis and strategy

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