3 ways to get more engagement on your Facebook posts

How do I get more people to see my Facebook posts? 

It's a question I feel like I see everywhere I go--people are constantly wondering what they need to do to get more eye balls on their Facebook posts. It seems like every time we turn around, Facebook has changed their algorithm. But despite those constant changes, there are certain principles to Facebook that rarely change. 

But before I tell you my secret sauce to getting more people to see your Facebook posts, here are two things you need to understand. 


**Facebook loves itself. Weird, right? But it's true. Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook. It doesn't want them clicking away to read an article or check out a shop. Even more so, they definitely don't want people clicking over to visit one of their competitors like YouTube, Pinterest or Twitter. Of course, there will be times when you want to send people to your website or shop, but keep those posts to a minimum. Do your best to keep your Facebook fans on Facebook. 

**Facebook likes consistency. I always tell folks in my workshops to think realistically about how much effort they can put into Facebook and then to stay consistent with that number. Maybe it's once a day or 5 times a week, but whatever you choose, do your best to stay the same. (Tip: for most pages under 10K fans, you shouldn't post more than 3x per day.) 

With those two principles in mind, here are 3 ways to get more people seeing your posts:

1. Share a photo. Remember my first point above? Facebook wants people to stay on Facebook, so instead of linking away, take a great photo, share a meaningful caption that will connect with your ideal customers and share that on Facebook. If you must link somewhere, that's fine, just put that link in the caption to your photo. But because photos keep your readers on Facebook, Facebook likes these kinds of posts. Use the captions that go with your photo to share your story, connect with your customers, and give them the information they need, and you'll see better reach and engagement than a regular link post.

2. Use VIDEO! Video is king on social media, especially on Facebook. If you want to build a following on Facebook, you really need to be creating videos. Do they have to be perfectly polished and put together? Absolutely not! They can be your favorite view around the farm, a video of you doing evening chores, or a tour of your workshop where you create your products. Don't be afraid to consistently use video on your Facebook page as a way to grow and engage with your fans. It works!

3. Share something viral from a similar niche or from a page that would interest your ideal customers.* These days our feeds are full of inspirational videos, thought-provoking quotes, and memes that make us laugh. And chances are if it's showing up in your feed, it's also showing up in the feeds of lots of other people. This is most likely a piece of content that is going viral. It has what I call a lot of "Facebook JUICE" behind it. And when you share that content to your page, your page gets a little bit of that "juice" as well. Sharing that viral content that's resonating with lots of people tells Facebook that "hey, this page knows what people like to see and they're sharing it with their audience." And Facebook will continue to show content from pages that people engage with regularly, to them again and again. So when they like that funny meme, it signals to Facebook that they like what your page is about. And that person will be more likely to see your posts show up in their feed again.

*I have to provide a disclaimer on my point #3. Make sure the viral post you're sharing is something that would be of interest to your audience. If your page is about your homemade goat soaps, don't share a viral video about a dad dancing at his daughter's recital. They just don't go together. But that goat yoga video that's going viral? Go for it. 


Armed with these 3 best practices for your Facebook page, you'll begin to see your engagement on Facebook grow. Will it happen immediately? Unless you hit the viral jackpot, no. But by applying the Facebook-friendly practices to your social media strategy, good engagement and growth will definitely be coming your way. 

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