15 conversation starters to get your Facebook audience talking

I hate small talk. 

It's one of the hallmarks of being an introvert. Put me in a room with my close friends and some good conversation and I could stay for hours. But put me in a room full of strangers with nothing but chit-chat on the menu, and I'll do whatever it takes to avoid the situation. 

So when I signed up to start leading my local chapter of TuesdaysTogether meetings, my palms were already sweaty. Standing around in a room of people I've never met, chit-chatting over appetizers and hot apple cider? Hashtag send help. 

I'm convinced that for many of us, the key to these situations is to get to know people a little better. It doesn't always have to be deep and intimate inner thoughts, but a simple ice breaker can be just what we need to put a damper on those sweaty palms and calm our introverted nerves. 


Each month at our meetings we kick things off by passing around a small pack of cards. Everyone draws one and on the back side is a simple question--some a little thought-provoking, others fun and easy-going. As we work our way around the table giving each person a minute or two to share their answers, any tension or nerves seem to melt away. It's a great way to get to know each other and the perfect way to kick off an evening for both introverts and extroverts alike. 

Not only are these questions a great way to break the ice with new friends, they also make for engaging questions to get your Facebook audience talking. In the midst of noise of social media, it's important to engage with your audience and get to know them. These questions, are the perfect way to start.

Want my list of conversation starter questions for your Facebook page or next get-together?. Click the link below to download all 15 and see a sample of how I share these on Facebook!

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