Important Social Media Insights to Check Every Month {FREE DOWNLOAD}


It’s the beginning of a new month, so that means it’s time to take a quick look at your social media account health and insights. By take a few minutes to check on things like your top posts, followers, and most engaging content, you can make plans for the month ahead that will continue to connect with your audience and move your business forward.

But what kinds of insights should be looking at each month to decide if your marketing efforts are working?

When I’m looking for my top posts each month, there are lots of factors to consider. Many of these factors will depend on your business goals—do you want to drive traffic to your online shop? Are you trying to build your email list? Are you looking for clicks to your “call now” button? Are you growing a group? Or are you trying to reach more local customers?

These are the goals you need to consider as you dig into your insights and decide how you’ll analyze your top performing posts each month. And as your goals for your business change, so will what you measure. Are you focusing on your email list in March, and a launch of a new product in April? Then how you analyze your insights those months will reflect those goals.

Another important part of your monthly check-in should also be setting goals to move forward.

I like to set goals for follower counts, look at upcoming holidays, themes or launches, and set goals on how often I can consistently post on each social media platform. I give each of my pages a quick health check by refreshing cover images, profile pictures (if needed) and making sure all links are up to date. And on Instagram, I make sure I’m doing a quick round of hashtag refreshing, so I have new groups of hashtags ready for use in my posts.

Get my ULTIMATE Guide to Hashtags HERE. It’s everything you need to know to make hashtags work for you!

While it may seem like a lot of things you need to check, this process will become easier the more you do it consistently. It will become easier to find the insights you need and to know what goals you need to focus on first.

To help use your insights to set goals and create a social media plan you can stick to, download my guide for Instagram and Facebook. It will walk you through the important health checks you need to make for your account, what insights you should be watching, and what goals you want to focus on for the months ahead. And it’s purposely undated so you can use it month after month.


Click the link below to download my entire social media insights planning guide!

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Fall Workshop DETAILS

Fall Workshops.jpg

November is shaping up to be a busy one for Farmhouse Creative including two new dates for local workshops! The former teacher in me geeks out over the chance to get back into a classroom setting and share insights on social media with farmers and small business owners. I’m so looking forward to next month’s workshops!

Here’s where you can find me next month:


This workshop is hosted by the University of Maryland Extension and will help farms and agribusiness owners learn how to take their social media and marketing efforts to the next level. This workshop is aimed at business owners who are already comfortable using social media and are ready to get more strategic in their planning and marketing.

Attendees will learn to define business vision and goals, brand voice and how to align them with social media marketing activities,

  • Gain insight on the operation and application of major social networking platforms,

  • Learn to create a marketing action plans based on desired outcomes and how to integrate social media into the mix.

  • Stay out of trouble by learning the legal parameters concerning postings, dealing with negative feedback, posting pictures, and on-line offerings.

  • Hear from a panel of successful social media farm marketers.

I will be presenting on setting missions and goals for your online time, identifying your ideal customer, writing a working marketing plan/calendar, and how to evaluate and measure your success.


November 13, 2018 :: Maryland Agricultural Resource Center, Cockeysville, MD

November 15, 2018 :: Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, MD

Cost is $65 and includes lunch and resource packet

Register for Cockeysville HERE

Register for Wye Mills HERE